Kooperation Beach Handball

Munich gets richer by one attraction. The new multifunctional sports arena in the Olympic Park, future home ground of the EHC Red Bull Munich and FC Bayern Basketball, is coming. Naming Right Partner SAP and Red Bull praised a unique social media campaign titled #NameGameOn to find a suitable name.

Over the past 8 days, Munich and Berlin have been the scene of many exciting matches of the Handball World Championship 2019. Now both cities have closed their gates. In addition to the sporting highlights, the fans from all over the world experienced great attractions in sold-out halls and visited the Fanzones around and in the arenas.

Tonight at 6:15 pm the time has come: Germany opens the Handball World Championship against the united team from Korea! The excitement and anticipation are on the increase, even at mm sports, which is responsible for the design and implementation of the Fanzones in Berlin, Munich and Cologne for the German Handball Federation (DHB).